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Friday, 28 September 2012

Lions Selector Panel–1st Round (IRE)

It’s one of the hottest debate topics egg-chasing has to offer.

Given we live in something of a green goldfish bowl on these Irish shores, there’s no harm getting input from elsewhere. And so we have the HarpinOnRugby Lions Selector Panel, made up of one fan from each nation, with even the Irish panellist, who’s latest selection we see this week, based abroad.


Forgive the brevity of this months selection folks. Due to technical difficulties the full departure lounge will return next month. So for now I shall put forward those I feel have done well during this most interesting of openings to the season and for those who felt I had a Welsh/Irish bias last month there’s a bit of change afoot.

15. Leigh Halfpenny
14. George North
13. Brian O'Driscoll
12. Jonathon Davies
11. Tim Visser
10. Jonathon Sexton
9. Mike Phillips
8. Sean O'Brien
7. Chris Robshaw
6. Stephen Ferris
5. Ian Evans
4. Richie Gray
3. Dan Cole
2. Dylan Hartley
1. Cian Healy

Some come in on form Hartley and Cole have really impressed. Some positions like back 5 in the pack arent flush with form from either the likely lads like Gray or any potentials like Lawes. Sean O Brien stays in spite of not playing; no no.8 has played that well. Maybe an argument for Nick Easter who has impressed in fits n bursts. Ian Madigan and Dan Biggar have been making waves as have Ian Keatley and Scott Williams amongst a few others. Well that’s my two cents on the Lions for the month of Sept.

With regard to the tragedy that befell the Spence family so many lovely tributes have been paid by the rugby community across the world and may I add my deepest condolences. A blossoming talent cut down before his time may Nevin and his father and brother rest in peace. The respect shown at games last weekend was remarkable and the SUFTUM chants I saw at the RDS were truly moving.

Yours in Rugby


Mark Jackson (@markusjacksonus) is an Irishman living in London, a lover of this game we call Rugby along with Gaelic Football and NFL (All Hail The New York Giants), having played it for fun and money in many countries around the globe, am now earning a crust coaching, hopefully inspiring and passing along some knowledge gained to the next generation of players.

Mark’s selection has made one change to the HoR Composite XV, follow this link to see how it now looks.  The panel begins its second round of selections next Friday.


  1. Donnacha O Callaghan is a player I would look to include, playing out of his skin at the moment with bags of experience.

  2. DOC shouldn't even start for Ireland